Thursday, 21 August 2008

Update on ginger Charlie!

We thought we'd just drop you a line to let you know how Charlie is getting on with us here in Cardiff. We adopted him on 15 February 2008. He is SUCH a character - one minute he is going mad and wide-eyed, chasing moths in the garden, and the next thing he is giving us kisses and cuddles and rolling over so we can tickle his tummy!

He is a big cat and absolutely adores his food, and enjoys sitting on the kitchen stool watching us prepare our own food!

He loves company and wants to be involved in everything, and he loves playing with his toys and chasing anything that moves - including our feet under the duvet! Considering the start he had in life, he is the most trusting and loving animal you could ever hope to meet, and we think he is absolutely beautiful. He loves to play with our other cat Neville, who unfortunately at 13 years old is a bit too dignified to play games, however Charlie keeps on trying to be his friend.

When we took Neville to the vet the other day Charlie was most distressed that he was gone, and when Neville returned and lay down on our bed to recover from his ordeal (he hates travelling in his pet carrier) we had to take Charlie up to see him, to show him that he was okay! He loves his older brother, even if his older brother doesn't realise it!

Charlie likes nothing better than to cuddle up with us, rub his face against ours and talk in his funny cat language, and he is a cat with the most wonderful, loving temperament. He is a fantastic pet, we absolutely adore him, and we are ever so grateful to you at Llys Nini for taking such good care of him whilst he was with you.

love from Lauren and Dan (and Charlie and Neville)