Sunday, 4 November 2007


The beginning of December was bitterly cold in South Wales but luckily, that did not stop a number of fishermen indulging in their favourite pastime on a lake just outside Llanelli. As they fished, they noticed a couple of men looking a little suspicious. The men appeared to put something into a sack, which they tied up and threw into the lake.
Curious, one of the anglers managed to retrieve the sack just as it was sinking, brought it to shore and opened it. He found a six month old kitten, wet and frightened. He took the kitten home, dried it off and warmed it before calling the RSPCA to collect it.
"Rosie" was brought into the Llys Nini Animal Centre for some tender loving care and an opportunity to find a new home. The Animal Centre's Cattery was absolutely full. "Rosie" got the last cat pod. However, the very next day a cat just ready to give birth was brought in, but with no room for her, it was decided that one of the healthy cats should be fostered off site to free cage space. "Rosie" was fostered by one of the centre's volunteers. She settled into her foster home so well that she decided to stay. She got a new home and a new name. Rosie has become Tegi-named after the monster reputedly living in Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) in North Wales. Why the name change? We are told that Tegi is very apt, as she was pulled from a lake and is a little monster. Needless to say she is very happy and has settled in well.
Tegi has a special like of bananas and has, on occasion, not only pinched them from the fruit bowl at home but has brought them in from someone else's house. It is quite a feat to bring a banana through a cat flap!