Friday, 14 March 2008


Beautiful Jasmine
"This is me coming out of my own house after playing."

"This is me and Tabs. This is the closest I can get to her without her hissing!"

My new owners now call me Jazzy. I love my new home. I have lots of places to hide. It's funny watching my owners run around the house panicking, trying to find me! I also sneak outside when I shouldn't. It's so strange out there; I don't like to stay out for long. I prefer to stay in my nice warm house.

I am very attached to my mum. She's at home nearly all day long, so I never get lonely or bored. I have lots of toys. I even have my own little cardboard house, which I love to play in.

There's also another cat here called Tabs. She doesn't like me though. Every time I go near her, she hisses, but all I want to do is play.

Thank you to those who looked after me at Llys Nini and thanks for reading my story.

Love Jazzy xXx

Friday, 7 March 2008

Sophie and Loki

I re-homed a couple of cats from you last year......Sophie and Loki. Have been meaning to send you a picture of them for a while. They are both doing well and have certainly got my dog (Brian) toeing the line!! Loki is a total nutter and manages to drive me to utter distraction most days...but he is also hilariously funny and when the fancy takes him, totally lovable, Sophie, on the other hand, is a perfect lady and beautifully sweet.

Both have been a real asset to our home. Loki in particular has taken a real shine to Jools, my son, who is two and a half, and often seems to prefer sitting with him than me!!!! Jools is made up by this! So thank you for both of them!