Wednesday, 4 March 2009



My name is Bella, I’m a former cat of the month ( Oct 07/Jan 08 ). My new owners saw my picture and fell in love with me but then I disappeared from the Cat adoption list. My new family thought I’d already been homed – in fact I was very ill, I nearly died not once but twice. They were thrilled when I was posted up again and immediately came to visit me.
I have special needs ( hyperthyroidism, arthritis in my hips and backlegs ) so my new owners found out all they could about me and what I’d need. They had lost their own elderly cats a couple of years ago but felt they could give me a comfortable home for the rest of my days – however long or short that might be.

I was a little scared at first of being left alone. I’m deaf you see so I don’t know where you are if I can’t see you. I meow very loudly so you come to find me. Mum and dad quickly realised I couldn’t hear and have been really patient and understanding.

Well a year on and no-one from Llys Nini would recognise me now. I can climb and jump around – I love to skit around from the kitchen to the dining room to the lounge and back again. Mum and dad have had to clear all their bits off the dresser because I like to walk along it when they are sat at the table!

I’m like my old self again – I haven’t needed medicine for my arthritis since Easter. I like to take a walk outside for a few minutes every now and again– I even went out to look at the snow the other day. Mum or dad even stay with me, they know I can’t hear danger.

I still need to take tablets twice a day and I sometimes go off my food but since coming to my new home I feel like a kitten again. The children are lovely they give me cuddles and let me sleep in their laps though they don’t like it when I walk across their laptop!

Mum and dad tell me they had some concerns at first about taking in an elderly special needs cat but now they say they worried needlessly – something about receiving lots of love in return, I can’t make it out, I just want food and a warm snuggle – not a lot to ask and I’ve got it by the bucketful.

I’m really one very lucky kitty but then they say they are very lucky to have such a pretty and gentle kitty like me too. I wanted to let others, who might be worried about looking after older cats or special needs ones, know that its not so bad really. We just want a little tasty food 3 or 4 times a day, occasional treats, a warm lap and in return we will show you our love all day every day.