Saturday, 20 June 2009

Maggie (was Geri)

I thought it was about time i wrote to updated you on liitle ginger Maggie (was originally Geri).We adopted her at the beginning of this year, as she looked such a poor, miserable little thing. She was very stressed out at Llys nini, and would pace in her pen all day, only allowing a little fuss befoe she made it clear she wanted no more and hiss and scratch!!

When we got home she had a bit of an explore, and within about 20 minutes she was climbing all over us wanting to sleep on our laps! All her stessed behaviour disapperared almost straight away, and when in the house, she is the most affectionate playfull little cat i have ever known.

She will follow me around the house, and jump up for a cuddle as soon as i sit down. we let her outside a couple of months after having her and that is when her crazy side will come out, as she will size up anything that moves for an attack!!- however big her prey is!!

We could'nt imagine life without her now, and it just shows how much difference a loving home can make to the life of a poor little thing like her.