Wednesday, 10 December 2008


My partner Martin and I adopted Misty last month, and we thought you'd like to hear how she was getting on. We're pleased to say she has settled very well in her new home and we love having her there. She's a gentle and affectionate cat who has fitted well into our domestic routine. We're out at work on weekdays, but she seems to sleep happily in her basket during the day (though she does creep onto the bed at night!) then get up ready to play when we get home. She is much more 'talkative' than our last cat used to be - we just wish we could understand more of her extensive repetoire of sounds! Here are a couple of pictures of her relaxing on the settee, and playing with her catnip mouse. Hope you like them!

Regards Helen

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Pudding now known as SNOOKS!

As you can see i'm a black and white cat, aged 2 now! The grey and white cat is my adopted brother (he's a naughty boy!). I went to my new home 9th Jan '07 with my new family. I left my brothers and sister, my sister looked like my mum, tortoiseshell colour, one of my brothers was black and the other was ginger (Rhubarb, Custard and Treacle) with my name as Pudding! My new family called me Snooks, which i sometimes listen too!

In April this year I got run over and spent a week in the vets (St.James). My leg was fractured in 4 places and my pelvis was broken. The wonderful vets gave me a chance and pinned my leg (so i'm a bionic cat now, with a metal pin in my leg!!) and i am now back chasing my brother and anything that moves! I live a life of luxury, sleep, play and eat..........and have loads of attention from my family!

My family are great and spoil me with prawns and salmon on special occasions (wish that was everyday!!!) I sometimes allow my brother some!

I just want to say Thank you for everything you all done for me. If it wasn't for the dedication of everyone i met, i wouldn't be living a loving, happy life.

Snooks xxx

P.s Merry Christmas to everyone at the centre

Monday, 10 November 2008

Carling & Ellie-May

Hello to everyone at Llys Nini!

We've been meaning to e mail you for ages to let you know how Carling and Ellie May are getting on (we adopted them in March). Both are absolutely fine and loving lots of attention. We recently discovered that Carling loves to sleep on carrier bags so we have now got one in nearly every room. Ellie May was a little bit nervous at first but within a couple of days she was jumping up on our laps for a cuddle and a snooze. They are very loving towards each other and as you can tell in one of the pictures Carling loves to give Ellie a wash nearly every day (although this usually descends into a play fight!!). I have taught them how to take turns when they are given a little treat (they love ham) and they sit and wait until its their turn before jumping up to get it. Also they eat together as Carling isn't eating all of Ellie's food (we were told to watch out for this when we had them).

Hope you like the pictures (sorry it's taken a while)

James and Katherine

Jasper & Cookie

Hello there,
I'm Stacey from Swansea
And I have adopted two of your cats Bert and Ernie witch have been renamed Jasper and cookie. We have only had them a day and already they have taken to our house. They have been playing all day and have lots of room to play in. Our other cat molly seems to be adapting to them slowly but apart from that they are all well. I shall send you some pics soon.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Felix now Mokie!

Hello there, I just wanted to thank you for letting us adopt Felix (who we've renamed Mokie). She hid away for the first 15 minutes or so, but since then, she's been exploring the house and has otherwise been making herself very comfortable - as you can see from the attached photo!
Anyway, thanks again!
Thank you kindly and God bless,

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Laura adopted Chester!

hi just thought id send you some photos to show how Chester is settling in to his new home. He loves exploring, eating, goin out on adventures and catching voles and fetching them home to me as a present!! I still have to wipe his mouth once hes eaten but he doesnt mind too much, but doesnt like it when i try to wash him! Thank you for letting me adopt Chester i couldnt have asked for a more loving or cheeky little cat!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dusty contacts Llys Nini!

Dusty contacts Llys Nini again.

Delyth contacted my new owner, as she knew my blog had somehow got lost and all my lovely

Carers were wondering how I was settling down in my new home.

Here I am still not quite sure what whether I can tame this folks to me way thinking.

We are now at about to start the month of October, and I could not be happier. Remember the fine weather we have just had, just look at me in the garden.

I am so enjoying my new life here. My coat is soft and silky, I have put on some weight, and all I have to do is nag, and one or the other will cuddle me day or night!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Here's an update on little sophie my 7 year old persian who i adopted on the7th August 2008. When i saw her i knew i would be taking her home. She hassettled so well in just over 3 wks i am thrilled. I have included somephotos of her. As you can see sophie enjoys the quiet life. Thank you somuch. Tina and Dan

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Update on ginger Charlie!

We thought we'd just drop you a line to let you know how Charlie is getting on with us here in Cardiff. We adopted him on 15 February 2008. He is SUCH a character - one minute he is going mad and wide-eyed, chasing moths in the garden, and the next thing he is giving us kisses and cuddles and rolling over so we can tickle his tummy!

He is a big cat and absolutely adores his food, and enjoys sitting on the kitchen stool watching us prepare our own food!

He loves company and wants to be involved in everything, and he loves playing with his toys and chasing anything that moves - including our feet under the duvet! Considering the start he had in life, he is the most trusting and loving animal you could ever hope to meet, and we think he is absolutely beautiful. He loves to play with our other cat Neville, who unfortunately at 13 years old is a bit too dignified to play games, however Charlie keeps on trying to be his friend.

When we took Neville to the vet the other day Charlie was most distressed that he was gone, and when Neville returned and lay down on our bed to recover from his ordeal (he hates travelling in his pet carrier) we had to take Charlie up to see him, to show him that he was okay! He loves his older brother, even if his older brother doesn't realise it!

Charlie likes nothing better than to cuddle up with us, rub his face against ours and talk in his funny cat language, and he is a cat with the most wonderful, loving temperament. He is a fantastic pet, we absolutely adore him, and we are ever so grateful to you at Llys Nini for taking such good care of him whilst he was with you.

love from Lauren and Dan (and Charlie and Neville)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tizzy and Munch

"Hello, I am Munch and I love this settee--so comfy!!"
"Hi, I'm Tizzy, but I'm not looking up 'cos I am just enjoying this lovely stretch--out on my settee. Who's settee??!!"
I just wanted to update you on how Munch and Tizzy are doing. They have settled in really well and are enjoying their new home. I have had no problems at all with them. Munch is still a bit of a rascal, but he knows who's boss. I think that's me, but sometimes he gets delusions of grandeur! Tizzy loves sitting on the Living Room window-sill, watching all that goes on in the street. They both love to cuddle up on the sofa with me, though it does get a bit crowded sometimes!
Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt these two wonderful cats. I have attached a photo of each of them, so that you can see how well they are doing.
Many thanks
Van Wells

Monday, 23 June 2008


Just to let you know that Flatley (now re-named as Oliver) has settled in to our home very well. We picked him up on 10th May and he settled in from day 1! The photos show him making himself comfortable on my youngest son's bed! He is a lovely cat, he loves to explore and enjoys being outside. He has a little friend, who I think is around about the same age as him and lives a couple of doors away and they are always together. He enjoys our company just as much as we enjoy his and he loves playing with the little lattice balls we bought him. He's a right David Beckham!
Just to say thank you for letting us adopt him-we feel as though we have always known him!
Angela, Mike and Alex

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eric and Ernie!!

"Oh! Being funny all the time is sooooooooooo tiring! Nothing like a cuddle and a snooze."
Hello Llys Nini
We just wanted to update you about the two kittens we adopted in November last year. They were called Teddy and Towser, but we renamed them Eric and Ernie. They are certainly living up to their names as a pair of comedians! They have settled in really well and now confidently rule the house. They are so adorable and, after a nervous start, they are now both very affectionate and loving. We are both so pleased that we took the step of rehoming these two little boys. Thank you very much for letting us. We hope you like the pictures.
Best wishes,
Susan and Paul Brooks

Thursday, 15 May 2008


"Hello there! It's me! How come my photo is so small? Ah, it's because the blog person doesn't know how to make it bigger!"
"Ah, this is the life! A nice warm blanket and a bit of peace. Bliss!"

"What was that? Did you hear something? I'm sure I did-bet it was a bird tweeting in my ear."

"This is me on my new settee. I didn't get to choose it; I just get to use it! Who had the better deal, I ask you?"

Just an update on Satsumo (formerly Tom). We fell in love with him the moment we saw him and knew he was the kitten we wanted to bring home. He has been great fun ever since he arrived and has become very confident and sociable, making lots of friends whilst settling in. He loves to play in the garden but doesn't stray too far before coming home for a cuddle and a snooze! We have been having great fun playing with sticks in the lovely weather! We cannot imagine our house without Sumo know. He is a fantastic addition to our little family. All the best.
Lauren, Stephen and Satsumo.
A note from Sumo:
"Hi guys, thanks for finding me a great new house-I have loads of room to play hide and seek in. Sometimes I have a snooze whilst waiting for Mum and Dad to find me 'cos I find such good places it takes them AGES! I love exploring in the garden too, I'm just like a real tiger-I pounce and climb and look good at the same time. When Mum and Dad are being boring, I take my favourite toy mousey and drop him on their work. This usually does the trick and they give me lots of attention. We recently had my new sofa delivered and I love to stretch out on it for a snooze, but Mum and Dad insist on siting on it too! I don't mind too much, though, as I usually get a big cuddle. Thanks for looking after me when I was little and finding me my nice house with Mum and Dad."

Friday, 14 March 2008


Beautiful Jasmine
"This is me coming out of my own house after playing."

"This is me and Tabs. This is the closest I can get to her without her hissing!"

My new owners now call me Jazzy. I love my new home. I have lots of places to hide. It's funny watching my owners run around the house panicking, trying to find me! I also sneak outside when I shouldn't. It's so strange out there; I don't like to stay out for long. I prefer to stay in my nice warm house.

I am very attached to my mum. She's at home nearly all day long, so I never get lonely or bored. I have lots of toys. I even have my own little cardboard house, which I love to play in.

There's also another cat here called Tabs. She doesn't like me though. Every time I go near her, she hisses, but all I want to do is play.

Thank you to those who looked after me at Llys Nini and thanks for reading my story.

Love Jazzy xXx

Friday, 7 March 2008

Sophie and Loki

I re-homed a couple of cats from you last year......Sophie and Loki. Have been meaning to send you a picture of them for a while. They are both doing well and have certainly got my dog (Brian) toeing the line!! Loki is a total nutter and manages to drive me to utter distraction most days...but he is also hilariously funny and when the fancy takes him, totally lovable, Sophie, on the other hand, is a perfect lady and beautifully sweet.

Both have been a real asset to our home. Loki in particular has taken a real shine to Jools, my son, who is two and a half, and often seems to prefer sitting with him than me!!!! Jools is made up by this! So thank you for both of them!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Milly and Molly

Hello to all, especially at the cattery!
Milly and Molly have now been with me for two months and I thought you would like to see some pictures of them at home. They have settled in beautifully and you would think that they had never been anywhere else. The house belongs to them, of course, and they have now started exploring the garden, which they love.

I am absolutely delighted to have them with me. They are both very affectionate and gentle in their natures, although full of beans, galloping around the house and garden like a pair of demented ponies! They never hiss or growl and like lots of cuddles and petting-sometimes both at once on my lap. I have been able to train them to accept their grooming and they get better at this each time, especially Molly with her long hair. They are lovely together and like to lie in the same bed. They dominate my life and the house routine revolves around them (of course).

I wish you all the best in your good work.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Hello! It's Salem here. I wanted to let all the lovely cat-carers at Llys Nini know that I'm settling in wonderfully at my new home. The staff here are loving and obliging, catering to my every need.

I have the run of the house, cuddles when I want them and space to chill out when I don't. I've had lots of visitors and have charmed my way into many hearts. I've even got my own page on Catbook and am making friends all over the world.

Thank you for looking after me so well at the Centre and now I've found my soulmates, we've agreed that this really is going to be my forever home. Sxx

Monday, 11 February 2008


"Now, which book will I have today? Perhaps a little Shakespeare or a cat book? Hmmm?"
"My Dad thinks this is his chair! He must be joking!"

My husband and I adopted Spike on 22nd November, 2006. He's very special to us because our old cat, Jasmine, died on 9th November, three days after being shot by an air rifle. She had a beautiful temperament and we never thought we would get over her sad death, but Spike has filled that void.

"I'm the King of the castle. It was easy getting up. Now, how do I get down?"

He is a real character. He's playful and great company. We never had Jas as a kitten, so we missed out on her early years, as she adopted us.

"Crikey, there's my rellies on-screen!! How did they get in there then?"


I watch Spike looking at himself in the mirror wardrobes. He stands up on his hind legs and places his paws against the doors, trying to touch what he thinks is another cat. He's so inquisitive; he goes in the bathroom after we have showered, trying to catch the drips of water with his paws on the outside of the cubicle. He does the same at our glass back door. Also, he loves looking at the books in our book-case (see picture at the top)

"I'm a bit partial to some velvet. It's really comfortable. I'm glad to be here I can tell you. No velvet in Llys Nini, but plenty of loving care. But, there's no place like home."

He's absolutely adorable and we can't thank Llys Nini enough for enabling us to adopt him. Many thanks to all the dedicated team at Llys Nini.

Saturday, 2 February 2008


"Ah, this is the life. A nice warm lap and someone who loves me."

Hi, my name is Cosmic and I spent three weeks in Llys Nini before I moved into my new home at the beginning of January. It didn't take long to become the boss of the house. In just four weeks, I have managed to get my new mum and dad running around after me. I say 'Jump,' they say 'How high?'

"This new bed is fab, but I like to have a good old stretch. It's easy enough to reverse back in!"

My new house is lovely; lots of dark places to curl up and snooze in peace. In fact, it's definitely a cats' life here. My favourite hobby is getting on the laptop and finding out how all my friends at Llys Nini are (as you can see from the picture below).

"Why do these software designers change versions all the time? You get use to one and then you have to learn a new one. That's progress!"

My mum and dad are great and leave me in peace, but are always there when I want a cuddle (on my terms). I am looking forward to being allowed into the garden in the next few weeks, but I don't think I'll stroll too far, as life is far too comfy for me here!

I would like to thank everyone at Llys Nini for looking after me during my stay. You did a sterling job in finding me the perfect home!