Wednesday, 10 December 2008


My partner Martin and I adopted Misty last month, and we thought you'd like to hear how she was getting on. We're pleased to say she has settled very well in her new home and we love having her there. She's a gentle and affectionate cat who has fitted well into our domestic routine. We're out at work on weekdays, but she seems to sleep happily in her basket during the day (though she does creep onto the bed at night!) then get up ready to play when we get home. She is much more 'talkative' than our last cat used to be - we just wish we could understand more of her extensive repetoire of sounds! Here are a couple of pictures of her relaxing on the settee, and playing with her catnip mouse. Hope you like them!

Regards Helen

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Llys Nini Cats said...

She looks so healthy, shiny & happy!