Thursday, 15 May 2008


"Hello there! It's me! How come my photo is so small? Ah, it's because the blog person doesn't know how to make it bigger!"
"Ah, this is the life! A nice warm blanket and a bit of peace. Bliss!"

"What was that? Did you hear something? I'm sure I did-bet it was a bird tweeting in my ear."

"This is me on my new settee. I didn't get to choose it; I just get to use it! Who had the better deal, I ask you?"

Just an update on Satsumo (formerly Tom). We fell in love with him the moment we saw him and knew he was the kitten we wanted to bring home. He has been great fun ever since he arrived and has become very confident and sociable, making lots of friends whilst settling in. He loves to play in the garden but doesn't stray too far before coming home for a cuddle and a snooze! We have been having great fun playing with sticks in the lovely weather! We cannot imagine our house without Sumo know. He is a fantastic addition to our little family. All the best.
Lauren, Stephen and Satsumo.
A note from Sumo:
"Hi guys, thanks for finding me a great new house-I have loads of room to play hide and seek in. Sometimes I have a snooze whilst waiting for Mum and Dad to find me 'cos I find such good places it takes them AGES! I love exploring in the garden too, I'm just like a real tiger-I pounce and climb and look good at the same time. When Mum and Dad are being boring, I take my favourite toy mousey and drop him on their work. This usually does the trick and they give me lots of attention. We recently had my new sofa delivered and I love to stretch out on it for a snooze, but Mum and Dad insist on siting on it too! I don't mind too much, though, as I usually get a big cuddle. Thanks for looking after me when I was little and finding me my nice house with Mum and Dad."