Monday, 10 November 2008

Carling & Ellie-May

Hello to everyone at Llys Nini!

We've been meaning to e mail you for ages to let you know how Carling and Ellie May are getting on (we adopted them in March). Both are absolutely fine and loving lots of attention. We recently discovered that Carling loves to sleep on carrier bags so we have now got one in nearly every room. Ellie May was a little bit nervous at first but within a couple of days she was jumping up on our laps for a cuddle and a snooze. They are very loving towards each other and as you can tell in one of the pictures Carling loves to give Ellie a wash nearly every day (although this usually descends into a play fight!!). I have taught them how to take turns when they are given a little treat (they love ham) and they sit and wait until its their turn before jumping up to get it. Also they eat together as Carling isn't eating all of Ellie's food (we were told to watch out for this when we had them).

Hope you like the pictures (sorry it's taken a while)

James and Katherine

Jasper & Cookie

Hello there,
I'm Stacey from Swansea
And I have adopted two of your cats Bert and Ernie witch have been renamed Jasper and cookie. We have only had them a day and already they have taken to our house. They have been playing all day and have lots of room to play in. Our other cat molly seems to be adapting to them slowly but apart from that they are all well. I shall send you some pics soon.