Monday, 6 July 2009

Socks was Buttons =)

Socks resting after playing for hours
Socks looking CUTE!!!

Socks with Mummy!!! =)

Hi i would like to let you all know that Buttons the kitten who is now
called Socks is being well looked after.
when he first got home with me and my partner he had a good explore
around the house and he has settled in well from day 1he loves a fuss and he loves playing.
His best toy is a mouse with a bell on it as you can see in one of the pictures.
he has his own little routine he wakes up around 8.30 am and he has a play of his toys for a bit.Then at he gets ready by his bowl to have his food then he does his business.
he then has a play again.when he gets tired he likes to go to sleep on the sofa next to
me its like he knows the times of his feed. he has his food at, and he
has 3 naps a day. He sometimes goes to bed at on week days and on the weekends
he goes to bed around he likes to have a soft toy in bed with him everynight when he sleeps alone. he follows me around the house and he climes on everything he is a lovely kitten and me and my partner loves him to bits he is part of the family now.

He has new toys to play with nealy every day. when we first went to the cat adoption we fell in love with him at first sight. i named him Socks because he has 4 white paws like if he is wearing socks. we would like to thank all the workers in Llys Nini for letting us have himSocks will call in soon to see u all as he has his next Check ups this week.thanks again

love Amy,Michael and Socks xxxx

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