Monday, 8 February 2010



In the last 24 hours he has successfully trained his owners
to total obedience to his every whim! Despite providing
a comfortable basket for him he prefers our bed as you can see!
He still takes the occasional swipe at us to keep us in line,
but seems very happy and contented.
Finally after a long time, Murdock has found
the perfect family to love him & good
luck to him and his new owners.

1 comment:

grahamesme said...

So pleased Murdock has settled in so well and made himself at home literally it seems!!
He had been homeless for so long and really deserves a good loving home which I am sure he has now got.
I have met Murdock and I know he is quite a character with a mind of his own.

All the best to Murdock and his new owner (s)